A vacation in Cancun is incomplete without a day at an adventure park. But which do you choose? We’ve partnered with leading family travel blogger Erin Bender of Travel With Bender who researched all 5 parks so that you can make an easy decision.

A vacation in Cancun, Mexico usually revolves around an idyllic all-inclusive luxury hotel and sipping margaritas on the beach.

But while you enjoy lounging poolside every day and taking advantage of the swim-up bar, your kids might be yearning for a little more thrill.

Whether you try them all or just narrow down the perfect one, let us help you decide which adventure park to discover while in Cancun.

I Need Slides & Food – Ventura Park

Adults and kids alike will love this park. Kids will of course want to ride every waterslide, but what happens when they get hungry? Never fear, this water park is all-inclusive, which means guests can eat at any of the in-house restaurants anytime they feel the after-swimming-tummy-grumbles.

But what’s better than that? Drinks are also all-inclusive. So sit down at the swim-up bar and put up your feet while the kids exhaust themselves on the thrilling waterslides.

Family Fun For Everyone — Xcaret

Featuring more than 40 attractions for all ages, this eco-park is the ideal daytrip for both young and the young at heart. If you have younger kids, this is a real winner.

It’s hard to describe exactly what Xcaret is, as there are not many places quite like it. It’s a zoo meets theme park meets nature.

One of the best activities is the underground rivers, where you can swim through caves and lush tropical jungle exploring an ancient Mayan world.

Visit any number of animals like the black jaguar, walk through the butterfly sanctuary, sign up for a touch-and-swim experience with the stingrays, or release sea turtles back into the ocean.

The park also comes packed with local history, so you can explore Mayan ruins, Mexican folk art, musicians, traditional Hacienda Henequenera and the Chapel of Guadalupe.

Adventure & Adrenaline Junkie — Xplor

After all that time relaxing on a Caribbean beach, you are going to love heading into this jungle for an eco-friendly adventure. Zip-line through waterfalls, fly into caves and splash down into beautiful cenotes at this amazing eco-park. You will be mesmerized by the incredible scenic views and exhilarated by the adrenaline rush from high-speed zip lines.

If zip lines are a little too scary for you, then never fear, you can try the hammock zip line. Simply sit in a hammock suspended above a cenote and gently fly with a soft splash. No spinning in circles and it’s not too high.

If that still doesn’t sound like fun (you’re tough to please), then get behind the driving wheel of your own amphibious vehicle and explore 6.2 miles of rugged jungle, dark caves and underground rivers. Or check out the two different river circuits that you can paddle down on mini rafts.

Relax To The Max — Xel-Ha

If all that adventure is just too much, then Xel-Ha sets a pleasantly relaxing pace. The park is located at the point where the Caribbean Sea meets underground rivers. So not only will you swim in warm, crystal clear water with outstanding views, you can also explore the lush, tranquil jungle.

Whether you plan on simply floating down the river in a two-person tube through mangroves, passing crazy people diving off cliffs, or if you decide to be one of those crazy people jumping off a cliff, you’ll love every minute here.

You’ll even find rope courses suspended above the river and zip lining to keep you entertained.

You can spend the whole relaxing, floating down the river, snorkeling, putting your feet up by the water’s edge, or doing as many other activities as you like. I do recommend a walk around the south side to swim in the hidden cenotes.

A Vacation For Your Mind — Xenses

Perhaps your idea of an adventure is one where you are mentally stimulated from the moment you walk in the door. If you prefer using all your senses to experience nature, then this place is for you.

From the quirky artsy bathrooms to the crazy vertigo-inducing Pueblo Town, where everything is up even when it’s down, you will be working your brain all day.

Try out the Xensatorium, where you will walk through several ecosystems in complete darkness. Relying on the sense of touch and smell, you will be surprised how vivid the experience is.

Once you get through Pueblo Town, you will enter a church featuring fun trampolines for the kids. Past the church you will enter another all-natural cave for a series of exhilarating rides designed to stimulate every sense.

I don’t want to spoil the surprise, but you may encounter waterslides, a bird flight, mud baths, saunas, rain and more! Another truly unique eco-park in a league of its own.

So head out of your hotel, shun the beach and make a b-line for adventure while you are in Cancun. You won’t be disappointed!

Erin Bender is an official Travelocity Gnational Gnomad. Gnational Gnomads is an exclusive group of high-profile travel and lifestyle experts who offer tips and inspiration on behalf of Travelocity. For more information on the Travelocity Gnomads visit travelocitygnomads.com.

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