Jennifer Sears Glass Art Studio

Learn the traditional art of glassblowing and craft your own colorful glass souvenirs to take home from this interactive gallery.

The Jennifer Sears Glass Art Studio is a fun workshop for the creation of glass objects. It contains a gallery of exceptional artistic works and a space for working with molten glass. Learn the fine art of glassblowing through demonstrations and advice from expert artists.

Browse the lavish jewelry, sculptures and other impressive works of art in the gallery. Be inspired by the innovation of the colorful pieces and consider the type of glass creation you will craft. The gallery has an airy feel with its large windows and array of beautiful glassworks.

Speak with the friendly artisans about the traditional glassblowing process and create items such as hearts, paperweights and bowls. Capture photos of the fun experience with the guides. Select your favorite color and make a glass ball or vase in about 30 minutes. Be careful of the heat from the ovens used to make the glass shapes.

Purchase your work after the cooling down period overnight. The gallery can also ship your product to your home for a small fee. Appreciate how the color of the piece you make changes as it cools. Buy other works made by professionals as gifts and souvenirs for friends and family members. Pricing depends on the size and type of the piece.

Make a reservation in advance to ensure your spot for this popular activity. The gallery opens Wednesday through Sunday for visitor glassmaking, while the rest of the week is only for watching trained artists. In the peak season from July to September, the entire week is allocated for glassmaking.

The Jennifer Sears Glass Art Studio is 2 miles (3 kilometers) south of Lincoln City. Drive south along the scenic Oregon Coast to reach the studio in about 5 minutes. Visit nearby attractions, such as Devil’s Lake, the Siletz Bay National Wildlife Refuge and Taft Park.