Central Oregon Coast

This misty, rugged coastline will put on a show for you. Mother Nature is ready to show you her best side!

There’s no question about what to do on the Oregon Coast. Find Highway 101, turn on the cruise control, and let the visual feast begin. Feast your eyes on frothing tides, dramatic escarpments, towering trees, and massive sand dunes. You might forget that humanity even exists until you drive right through a small, eclectic town and sit shoulder-to-shoulder at a bar with a real-life lumberjack!

If you’re starting your trip from the north, you’ll hardly get to wave goodbye to Washington before you say hello to the lovely town of Astoria. Your inner history buff will jump for joy upon seeing the glorious terminus of the Lewis & Clark expedition, while the child in your heart will shove the history buff aside and squeal, “This is where they filmed The Goonies!”

Jump back into your chariot and head down to Cannon Beach. Don’t go just because it’s been named one of the world’s most 100 beautiful beaches; go to make that determination for yourself. If you come at the right time of each, you can even wave a fin at the hulking gray whales just offshore as they take their own road (er, water) trip from Alaska to Mexico.

Stomach grumbling? Stuff it with a cinnamon roll as big as a watermelon. This is just one amazing facet of the world-famous Camp 18, a local institution that can only be described as part restaurant, part log cabin, part museum, and 100% Oregon Coast. If you want something that won’t fulfill your sugar requirements for the next year, order the lobster at basically any restaurant you find. You won’t be disappointed!

This is only a fraction of what you’ll see and do on the Oregon Coast. (We didn’t even mention the mega sand dunes.) The best way to experience it all is to snap up our cost-saving Oregon Coast vacation packages. While you’re in the area, add a couple of days to your trip and discover all the things to do in Portland, too.