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As someone who has been living in Los Angeles for the last 16 years, the concept of Film Tourism is far from an unfamiliar one for me. Every year, countless people travel from all over the world to experience a part of Hollywood that has come to mean a lot to them. Of course I did my share of this when I first relocated, but after a month or so the novelty wore off and I considered myself finished with the practice. That is until just recently.

As I’m sure many of you can relate to, especially over the last few years I’ve noticed my interest in film and TV trending more and more to the Anglocentric. So, when I had the chance to take a visit to London to take in not just the area, but also pieces of some amazing shows that have been filmed there, I was absolutely all in.

Luxurious Stay

The Milestone Hotel exterior

The Milestone Hotel exterior. Credit: @JoesDaily

For my time in London I was lucky enough to stay at the lavish Milestone Hotel. Let me tell you, these 5-star accommodations could not have been more appropriate for what I was there to do. From the moment you walk in, you feel like you’re in a film yourself. Literally everywhere you look there’s something exquisite to put your eyes on.

The Conservatory room at The Milestone Hotel

The Conservatory room at The Milestone Hotel. Credit: @JoesDaily

Cheneston's Restaurant in Milestone Hotel

My breakfast nook at the Cheneston’s Restaurant. Credit: @JoesDaily

As for my room, I stayed in the split-level Club Suite. As you can see, the design itself is pretty cool, with English and South African influences. It also came with some interesting features like hidden closets and bathrooms, and access from both floors. I got a chance to see a few of their other suites and they all look equally incredible. I’m sure no matter room I ended up in, I would have been thrilled.

The Club Suite at Milestone Hotel

Club Suite at Milestone Hotel. Credit: @JoesDaily

Unforgettable Food

The total length of my trip was about 7 days so I was lucky enough to try quite a few great places to eat. Among the many restaurants were Cheneston’s (in the Milestone), Cote, The Colony Room, and Eneko. Though all of them were really great, I have to say that Cheneston’s stood out to me the most.

Fabrizio (“Fab”) Russo, the Food & Beverage Manager, was wonderfully knowledgeable and recommended the perfect wines for every dish. He even did a Sabrage demonstration for us—something I would definitely recommend you check out in person if you haven’t before.

Fabrizio Russo demonstrating the art of Champagne Sabrage

Credit: @JoesDaily

The art of Champagne Sabrage

Milestone Hotel’s Food & Beverage Director demonstrating the art of Sabrage. Credit: @JoesDaily

For my meal I chose the completely phenomenal Char Grilled 6oz Wagyu Fillet Steak with black truffle hollandaise and hand-cut chips. Then after dinner we all had a few drinks at the Stable Bar. Smoked Old Fashioned, anyone?

Cheneston's Restaurant steak and chips

My perfectly cooked steak and chips. Credit: @JoesDaily

Smoked Old Fashioned at Stable Bar

Smoked Old Fashioned at Stable Bar. Credit: @JoesDaily

London Afternoon Tea

I doubt this will come as surprising to anyone but I have to say the afternoon teas were some of the most memorable parts of this trip. Once again, the Milestone has this category in the bag for me as far as best experience goes. If you’re not a big tea drinker, not to worry, it’s far from the only beverage served. And the food! I’ll just let the pictures speak for themselves from here.

Afternoon tea at The Milestone Hotel

Afternoon tea at The Milestone Hotel. Credit: @JoesDaily

Warm scones to finish off afternoon tea at the Milestone

Who can pass up warm scones? Credit: @JoesDaily

The Tours

As I said before, I was lucky enough to spend a week on my England trip. So, just as I was able to try several different restaurants, I had the opportunity to enjoy quite a few tours as well. And, yes, all of them had something to do with some excellent series like Victoria and The Crown. Listing everything is going to be a little crazy, but I’m going to try:

  • We did a Blue Badge walking tour to wet our feet in Kensington
  • A visit to the Tower of London to see The Crown Jewels
  • An exclusive tour of Kensington Palace where we got to check out a discontinued Queen Victoria exhibition
  • We took a trip to the V&A Museum, named for Queen Victoria and her husband, Albert
  • Went by to see Westminster Abby and Buckingham Palace
  • AND spent some time in the Design Museum (not directly related to a series, but as many Royal Family members have been/are patrons of the arts, we’ll count it)

Below are photos from a few of the aforementioned tours:

Blue Badge Walking Tour

Blue Badge Walking Tour Guide, Russell

Our Blue Badge walking tour guide, Russell. Credit: @JoesDaily

Blossoming Trees Throughout Kensington

Blossoming Trees Throughout Kensington. Credit: @JoesDaily

Kensington Court Mewes

Credit: @JoesDaily

Milestone Hotel staff

Milestone Hotel staff. Credit: @JoesDaily

A Man and His Dog in Kensington, London

A Man and His Dog in Kensington. Credit: @JoesDaily

London Design Museum

London Design Museum Entrance

London Design Museum Entrance. Credit: @JoesDaily

Stacked 3D Words

Credit: @JoesDaily

Apple products throughout time

Apple products throughout time. Credit: @JoesDaily

AK and a Medical Splint

Credit: @JoesDaily

All of this and I’m sure I only scratched the surface of everything there is to see and do there, even just in terms of Royal-themed Film Tourism. This is without a doubt thanks to the rich and amazing history that England can boast. If there’s one think I’ve left London with the knowledge of it is this: I will absolutely be going back to pick up where I left off as soon as I possibly can.

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