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When you have a new baby, even a short trip to the doctor’s office or supermarket means loading up diapers, bottles and a million other things to cover all the “what ifs.” The idea of packing for a longer excursion can be overwhelming, especially when that trip involves air travel. To help, we’ve compiled a list of our must-haves for flying with a baby on your next vacation. We can’t promise your little one will be a perfect angel at 35,000 feet, but with these items, you’ll be prepared to handle anything that comes your way between takeoff and landing.

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With all the stuff you’ll be schlepping through the airport, you’ll want your hands free. Leave the designer diaper bag at home in favor of a backpack.

Something Old

stuffed animal

A favorite blanket or stuffed animal will bring comfort to unfamiliar surroundings—especially important if this blanket or toy is something your baby is used to sleeping with!

Something New


Before your trip, hit up the dollar store for a few toys, books and fat crayons to add novelty to a long flight. A beach ball or a pack of balloons goes a long way to entertain little ones in an airport terminal, without taking up precious suitcase space.

A Used Stroller


You’ve folded and unfolded the stroller a million times, but the baggage handlers haven’t—so there’s a chance it could get broken. Bring your “backup” stroller or consider buying a cheap one from a thrift store or garage sale.

Car Seat

car seat

Kids under age 2 fly free when they sit on an adult’s lap, but if your little one will have her own seat, bring along a car seat to keep your baby safer and help her sleep comfortably.

Something to Suck On


Nursing, bottle-feeding or even a lollipop will help relieve pressure on your baby’s ears during takeoff and landing.

Healthy, Filling Snacks

cheese sticks

Think non-messy, not-too-quick-to-perish options like rice cakes, cheese sticks or grapes in a no-spill snack cup.



Have no shame. A well-timed cookie can help keep Junior quiet when all else fails.

Shelf-Stable Milk


Many flights will not have milk on board, so boxed milk that doesn’t require refrigeration is clutch—especially if your little one’s dependent on it to fall asleep.

Empty Travel Mug

travel mug

If your baby prefers warm milk or formula, ask the flight attendant for a cup of hot water. Put the bottle of milk or formula into your mug, pour hot water over it and seal to warm the milk.

Empty Bottle or Sippy Cup 

sippy cup

TSA agents may ask you to open the milk (and medicines) so they can test it, so be prepared to pour it into a resealable container once you’re through the security line.

More Diapers, Wipes and Changes of Clothes Than You Think You’ll Need


Because flight delays and diaper blowouts happen. While you’re at it, throw in a cloth changing cover or several disposable covers for those gross public changing tables.

Sealable Bags

sealable bags

You’ll need someplace to wrap and stash those soiled clothes.



This is not the time to discover that your child caught a cold at daycare, gets airsick or is allergic to a fellow passenger’s perfume. Play it safe by carrying baby-friendly medicines for colds, upset tummies and allergies.

A Treat… for Yourself


When there’s a tiny human in your lap, you can forget about reading a novel or enjoying a cocktail without spilling it all over yourself. To maintain your sanity, download some podcasts or bring a stash of your favorite easy-to-eat snack.

A Sense of Humor

laughing woman

This, too, shall pass.

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