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Take a step back in time to a place where Spanish conquistadors roamed cobblestone streets and bullfighters entertained hundreds of spectators in packed stadiums. In Aguascalientes, Mexico, you can view these spectacles in the here and now. Fiercely protective of its colonial and pre-colonial past, the citizens of Aguascalientes proudly display their heritage to visitors and only ask that you honor their traditions. You can either run from the bulls or find Aguascalientes car rentals to take you through winding roads of this city.

Travel the "Royal Road" of Tierra Adentro

The Aguascalientes International Airport is just a 17-mile drive from the middle of town and plenty of Aguascalientes hotels. Once you've seen your share of the capital city, along with its famous Spanish colonial buildings and eclectic National Museum of the Dead, shop rental cars in Aguascalientes and venture some 58 miles southeast to Lagos de Morenos, dubbed the "Athens of Mexico" by locals because of its pristine colonial architecture and history of inspiring colonial poets. Travel the highways of the colonial "Royal Inland Road" with rental cars in Aguascalientes and see if you can spot colonial churches and villas that Spanish merchants may have stopped at hundreds of years ago. The mineral springs of Calvillo, located to the west of Aguascalientes, are said to possess miraculous healing properties. Even for the skeptical, Calvillo can deliver a relaxing spa getaway that will rejuvenate you for the next leg of your vacation.

Get Colonial in Aguascalientes

You won't find many cities in Mexico as filled with colonial architectural treasures as Aguascalientes. Explore the Plaza de la Patria in the historic city center, and sample a traditional dish of pork ribs lathered with guava sauce. Aguascaliente rental cars are the perfect way to delve into this region and its history. Save up to $537 when you book hotels and Aguascalientes flights through Travelocity.

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