Los Angeles: there’s nothing like it in the world. Nowhere else can you find such a concentration of celebrities. From singers and reality TV stars to silver screen greats and athletes, many famous people lay roots there for its accessibility to Hollywood and the gorgeous landscape. Although the attractions and scenery are big draws, travelers could easily make an entire trip out of searching out their favorite stars.

Dine Alongside the Stars

Celebs nosh on glorious L.A. cuisine just like everyone else, and they can’t always order delivery. Stars on hot nights out or on romantic dates often are spotted at Nobu Los Angeles for sampling sushi. But the A-listers like Eva Longoria or Bradley Cooper aren’t at the bar — they most likely have snagged a table. So mere mortal guests who want to see them should do the same.

Travelers on the hunt for stars do not need to only stick with fancy establishments. Celebrities, especially those with families, enjoy casual dining just like other families with young children. Have a perfect pie, for example, at Pizzeria Mozza, and brush shoulders with some famous faces such as Gordon Ramsay, David Beckham and Jennifer Lopez. Not only is the star-studded ambiance a thrill, their Mediterranean-style pizzas are memorable as is their homemade olive bread.

Look the Part

You might need to save your pennies, but shopping as the stars do in L.A. is worth it. Fashion trends change constantly, but there are always a few staples marked by shopaholics and shooting paparazzi. Maybe catch a glimpse of Lindsay Lohan or Paris Hilton sneaking in the back of Maxfield for designer items. Kitson on Robertson Boulevard has incredibly colorful and fun clothes, drawing in famous people by the dozens to pick out a few new outfits. Wave hello to beauties such as Lady Gaga, Heidi Klum and Katy Perry.

Visit Iconic Hot Spots

Shop, dine, then head outdoors for more celebrity-spotting possibilities. Jennifer Garner loves to jog the Pacific Palisades Recreation Center. Handsome leading men such as Justin Timberlake and Ben Stiller are sometimes out jogging at Runyon Canyon.

There is also a more direct way to spot celebrities. Plenty of their homes are within city limits or just outside. Obviously going onto the property is difficult (and illegal – we don’t recommend), but some homes can be seen from the streets. Take a tour or grab a map to admire the houses in each of the neighborhoods. Hollywood Hills is a good place to start, with mansions owned by Keanu Reeves and Halle Berry, or cruise to nearby Malibu for the homes of Nicolas Cage, Beyoncé and Julia Roberts.

Blend Right In

Knowing etiquette can help in having a positive celebrity experience. Politely ask if they wouldn’t mind a photo or autograph, but if stars are busy in line and/or getting coffee, wait until the opportune time. Know who you’re speaking to as well — a band member can be easy to chat up, but not compared to someone like George Clooney.

After trying out all the other hot spots in L.A. to see celebrities, do not forget to keep eyes peeled right at LAX. It’s a hotbed for paparazzi to track everyone down — as we know celebs are constantly on the move. Just be respectful — many of these big names are on vacation, too!

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