Jackson Hole

At the junction of secluded wilderness, epic mountain views, and epicurean luxury lies one of Wyoming’s top attractions.

Is that the altitude making your head swim? Or simply the gourmet sake you’ve been sipping while tasting the fresh sushi—flown in this morning, of course—in the valley of Jackson Hole? Or perhaps it’s all that fresh mountain air and the knowledge that no matter what season it is when your boots hit the ground, natural beauty lies just beyond the comforts of this posh Western town.

What to do in Jackson Hole depends largely on what season it is. In winter, the resort town is bustling with snow bunnies and snow moose floating up the mountain on lifts and flying back down on skis, boards, and snowmobiles. Summer is the time of hikers and mountain bikers looking to catch a glimpse of impressive antlers in the National Elk Refuge—or at the National Museum of Wildlife Art. In between seasons? Quiet seclusion and relaxation.

Speaking of getting away from it all, Jackson Hole has served as adventure playground to celebrities for years. That may be Harrison Ford, Sandra Bullock, or Matthew McConaughey speeding down the slope beside you, hidden behind a pair of goggles and retaining that sweet anonymity a vacation way out here grants. A couple of selfies in nearby Grand Teton National Park or a guide for things to do in Jackson Hole, and you could inspire just as much envy-laced admiration with your following.

When you’re all topped off on adventure, let your inner bear kick in: pack on the pounds with everything from gourmet bagels and coffee to micro brews, to Western fare like beef stew, cornbread, and ribs at places to eat in Jackson Hole. Or, you know, just hibernate while a professional masseuse works out those mountain-high knots.

Mountain resort getaways don’t get much better than this. That is, unless you book one of our Jackson Hole vacation packages. They’re both easy and cheap—a match nearly as heavenly as a hot toddy and a warm fire after a day on the slopes, wouldn’t you say?

Frequently Asked Questions about Jackson Hole

When is ski season in Jackson Hole?

Jackson Hole is a premiere ski and snowboard destination. In the winter, most activity centers around the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. Typically ski season runs from November through April.

How much is the Jackson Hole tram?

One of the coolest experiences in Jackson Home is hopping aboard the Aerial Tram and gliding up 4,139 feet in roughly 12 minutes. Ticket prices vary. Currently, a one-day pass for an adult costs $89. Discount pricing is offered to juniors and seniors, and you can also enjoy savings on multi-day passes.

When is the Jackson Hole Rodeo?

Jackson Hole possesses a deeply ingrained Old West vibe, so it's no surprise that the rodeo is a popular pastime here. In 2017, the rodeo season started in the last week of May and went until the first week of September. Rodeo days in Jackson Hole are Friday, Saturday, and Wednesday.