Zion National Park

Mother Nature is dressed to impress, and yowza! From the towering cliffs to the delicate flowers peeking from a rock face, this place is nourishment for the soul.

Zion National Park is a celebration of the instinctual human connection to the natural world. As soon as you enter Zion Canyon, you’ll leave the crowded highways, 24/7 talking head news, and those reports your boss wants in triplicated behind in the dust. When you arrive at this large national park in Southern Utah, your eyes will travel up and up as they take in red-and-white sandstone cliffs that can tower 3,000-feet high. Instead of making you feel small, the cliffs will fill you with a sense of wonderment that would seem cliché if it weren’t so true.

Hmmm, what to do in Zion National Park? That’s a tough one. How about hiking some of the absolute best trails in the entire world? Yeah, we think that would be a good start. The park includes dozens of trails that run the gamut from short, easy jaunts to hikes that will require plenty of Vaseline, because you ain’t got no time for blisters. If you want fill up on gorgeous views without turning your legs into Jell-O, try Weeping Rock. For something with a bit of a bite, the 2.5-mile hike straight up to Angels Landing will give you a view worth giving your buns a little burn. Think you’re hot hiking stuff? Two words: The Narrows. When you finish the 16-mile, one-way hike, give yourself a fist bump from us, bro.

Hiking is just one of plenty of things to do in Zion National Park. The park also attracts rock climbers and ardent backpackers. When you make it back, exultant, exhausted, and renewed from your pow-wow with nature, grab food, drinks, and rest at Zion Lodge. A heaping plate of grub will remind you that modern comforts have their uses, too!

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Frequently Asked Questions about Zion National Park

Can you drive through Zion National Park?

Much of Zion National Park is accessible by car. You can see some of the most beautiful portions of the park by taking the SR-9, which travels from the park's south entrance to the east entrance. Expect to pay an entrance fee at the gate.