Murrells Inlet

Follow in the footsteps of explorers, colonists, and pirates in this characterful little fishing village that emanates rustic Southern charm. Treat yourself to one of South Carolina’s tastiest seafood dinners.

The self-proclaimed seafood capital of South Carolina is a small, centuries-old fishing village with a big personality. It is a place to dine on the freshest catch of the day as the sun sets, and then while away the balmy evenings enjoying a few tipples in the charmingly rustic watering holes. By day, enjoy the great outdoors, discover some secret fishing holes, or play a round of golf.

At the heart of Murrells Inlet is Marshwalk. Stroll along the wooden boardwalk in Crazy Sister Marina and take your pick of open-air cafés and unpretentious bars booming out live music. Sit back, order a cold drink, and let the good vibes wash over you.

As if the taste of the succulent seafood in the restaurants isn’t proof enough of its freshness, just look out into the inlet to see the little fishing boats hauling their day’s catch ashore. Murrells Inlet is the place to come in South Carolina for a good seafood dinner. Don’t believe us? Follow the crowds heading this way from Myrtle Beach.

When you’re craving some peace and tranquility set off on a trip to Brookgreen Gardens. This stunning sculpture garden and wildlife park was built on 200-year-old rice plantations in the shape of a butterfly and are a true sanctuary. Walk among twisted old oak trees and delicate wildflowers. Don’t miss the Cypress Aviary either; at 90-feet tall, it’s quite hard not to notice it.

The gentle vibe of Murrells Inlet today belies its dramatic past, when Spanish explorers and English colonists once operated. Walk the same ground as the 17th-century pirate Blackbeard who, legend has it, left a sailor guarding precious casks of rum here, only to return two years later to find the guard’s bones and dozens of empty barrels. Today, it is known as Drunken Jack Island.