Cape May Point State Park

The southern tip of New Jersey offers a park rich with historical monuments, diverse bird life, pleasant walking trails and scenic beaches. 

Stroll around the wetlands and walkways of Cape May Point State Park, a tranquil corner of New Jersey. This peaceful park hosts historic landmarks as well as several species of bird life. Come on a sightseeing tour or visit independently to experience the beauty of the beaches of Delaware Bay.

Start your exploration of the park in the Cape May Lighthouse. This eye-catching tower has been standing here since 1859, guiding ships into the bay. Climb to the top of its 157-foot (48-meter) beacon for views of the surrounding park. Step into the old Oil House to see a small museum with information about the area.

The state park is also home to a World War II bunker facing the ocean. Come here at low tide to see the old gun turrets at the front of the concrete structure.

From the bunker, wander down to the sandy beach for uninterrupted views of the ocean. Watch for dolphins playing in the water. On hot days, local Cape May residents enjoy setting up umbrellas and relaxing beneath the sun. Note that swimming is not allowed here.

Bring your binoculars and follow one of the three trails that wind around the park. Elevated boardwalks help you navigate the wetlands, which are home to diverse wildlife. Watch the undergrowth for frogs, muskrats, purple martins and, on rare occasions, otters.

The paths wind up to a viewing platform, where you can join birdwatchers admiring the rare species that live here. Cape May is a significant destination for migratory hawks. Look to the sky to see these graceful birds of prey swooping through the air. Stop at the park over the weekend to see park rangers banding the hawks to help keep track of their population, before releasing them back into the wild.

Drive for 15 minutes west of Cape May’s town center to reach the park. Use the free parking near the lighthouse. Explore Cape May Point State Park easily on foot. Admission is free.