Miami Beach

This is Miami as you’ve always imagined it – a sunny, sandy shoreline, chic art deco buildings lining atmospheric streets, and food from every corner of the world.

Discover both of Miami Beach’s personalities. There’s South Beach, the buzzing community built around an ultra-cool array of early 20th-century architecture. Here’s your cultural hub, with museums, restaurants, and shops to satisfy travelers who like their vacations to be action-packed. Then there’s North Beach; it’s like the laid-back brother who just wants you to chill out, man. Lie down on the blindingly white sands and soak up some the sun in this modern, quieter part of the region. Together, North Beach and South Beach make up Miami Beach, a destination as cool as it is hot.

Even the drive to Miami Beach is special. The whole district is located on an island, opposite Biscayne Bay and the Downtown Miami neighborhood. Cross one of the bridges into Miami Beach and within moments you’ll get a feel of the energetic atmosphere here. Stay on the east side and you get unbroken views of the Atlantic Ocean; stay on the west side and you get to see the lights of Miami glimmering across the water at night.

Hit the sidewalks of South Beach for a crash course in art deco architecture. There are around 800 landmarks on the National Register of Historic Buildings, including some 1920s beauties that look particularly impressive at night. Check out the Congress Hotel, Jerry’s Famous Deli, and the Colony Theater for some classic examples of the style.

Head to the coastline at any point of your trip and find your own patch of sand to call home for the day. Expect pretty much unbroken sand up the length of the island, so there is plenty of space for sunbathing and swimming.

Spend the evening at one of the countless restaurants scattered throughout the island. The phrase “spoiled for choice” seems designed for Miami Beach, so take your pick of dishes from all around the world, cooked up by the city’s international population.

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