Little Havana

You may have already heard of Little Havana; its reputation as one of the most colorful and flavorful Miami neighborhoods has spread far and wide. Time to find out why.

Experience the tastes, sights, and sounds of Cuba without ever leaving Miami by exploring Little Havana. It doesn’t take much imagination to stand on Calle Ocho, its main street, and picture yourself in the Caribbean capital. You’ll hear the strains of Cubano music jangling out of the lively bars and restaurants, while the pastel-colored buildings retain the quintessential character of the district’s namesake city.

The food in Little Havana is now so well-known that companies have set up food tours of the neighborhood. You could join one of these to sample as many international flavors as possible, but if you’re sticking around in Little Havana, it’s just as fun to seek out your own little corner of Cuba. Find an eatery where all the patrons look like locals and take a seat for a feast of empanadas, codfish, and lamb stew.

Strolling down Calle Ocho is pretty much compulsory. It’s where you’ll find the Walk of Fame dedicated to Latin-American celebrities, as well as Maximo Gomez Park, where elderly locals gather to play dominoes. Watch movies and plays at the Tower Theater, shop for cigars, or pay your respects to the people who died during the Bay of Pigs invasion, all on this one, colorful street.

If you can, try to be in Little Havana on the last Friday of the month for Viernes Culturales (and we mean really try, it’s worth it!). Join a buzzing, chatty crowd to explore the local art galleries on a night that’s attended by the whole community. Even if you don’t make it for one of these events, it’s still worth stopping by the artistic hotspots of the neighborhood. You could visit Futurama or Agustín Gaínza’s studio to see work by celebrated Cuban artists, but just a casual wander around the alleys of Little Havana will lead you to dazzling murals and little-known galleries.

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