Florida Keys

Palm trees sway in tropical breezes while waves lap on beaches of smooth, white sand. Get that message in a bottle ready for departure and head to paradise.

If you’re looking for things to do in the Florida Keys that give you a different take on the quintessential Southern experience, you’ll find them along this chain of islands. The southernmost place in the United States certainly may surprise you with its island vibes and tropical ways.

Along with its beachy allure, the Keys are home to locals that boast manatee-shaped mail boxes and have a healthy obsession with Key Lime Pie, with recipes that range from palate pleasing to lip puckering. The motto around here is “One Human Family,” but that doesn’t stop the native iguanas and free-range chickens from poking their heads out of bushy, green roadsides to say hello.

Florida Keys points of interest are best explored by car, with the top down, winding your way along 126 miles of Highway 1, drifting over bridges and pulling over for snaps of gorgeous views. Of course, chartered fishing boats, surfboards, and your own two feet are acceptable ways to get around as well. Strap on a pair of flippers and snorkel, or scuba your way through the reefs of Biscayne National Park. Learn the names of all those eye-catching flowers and other greenery that you can’t avoid on these islands if you tried.

The best time to visit the Florida Keys is whenever you feel the call to explore 113 mangrove and sandbar islands, so purchase one of our Florida Keys vacation packages today. You’ve never been anyplace quite like the Keys.