Summit County

The meeting of landscapes provides a crossroads, so to speak, but here you can straddle the line—and the summit—for as many miles as you like.

East or west? North or south? In Summit County, you don’t have to choose—because the continental divide passes right through the area. Standing with one foot on the Western Slop and one foot on the Eastern Slope at Loveland Pass is akin to visiting Four Corners, only with sweeping views of majestic mountains, themselves stretching from New Mexico to British Columbia.

Choosing what to do it Summit County is equally liberating. Geology and the seasons have done much of the deciding for you. If you’re here in the winter, frosted noses, brisk winds blowing past on your way down the slope, and hot fireside beverages make for an idyllic ski retreat. Opposites do attract, don’t they? At other times of year, the area presents a choice of racing down the mountain on two wheels, or trekking down on two feet, as well as the opportunity to ride the lift back up and do it all over again.

While you probably came here to get outside, the world-famous resort towns of Aspen, Breckenridge, and Vail offer plenty of other things to do in Summit County. Feed your body and soul with classy dining options and viticulture flavors, as well as trendy bars, craft brews, and coffee shops. Who knows? You may run into a celebrity or two at these playgrounds of slope-loving stars. Of course, it doesn’t take top dollar or a fancy outdoorsman’s wardrobe to get to know the well-known members of the National Mining Hall of Fame & Museum instead.

Our Summit County vacation packages, on the other hand, are famous for making your trip to the slopes both accessible and unforgettable, presenting yet another choice you don’t have to make. See you on the lifts!