Napa Valley

Vines and orchards stretch as far as the eye can see, interrupted only by gourmet restaurants, tasting rooms, and hotels catering to wine-lovers everywhere.

Polish up your monogrammed cork screw, because the birthplace of America’s place at the world sommelier’s table awaits. Just a few decades ago, the narrow strip of epicurean paradise known as Napa Valley was merely a stagecoach stop, forgotten by modern city life. Today, however, there’s no question about what to do in Napa Valley. Just eat, drink, and be merry, until your eyelids grow happily heavy and sleep overcomes you at a charming bed and breakfast, where—of course—mimosas are on the menu.

The valley has had its struggles in the past, when Prohibition and plagues of grape-devouring phylloxera bugs whittled the number of wineries in the area to just 25. But don’t get your palate in a twist. Award-winning cabernet sauvignons at a blind taste test in Paris in 1976 put Napa on the world map, and that number eventually swelled to 400.

With all those varietals handy, pairing them with delectable eats is easy. Farm-to-table isn’t just a way of eating here, it’s a worldview. The way the locals see it, everything goes with wine, but the best flavors are grown right here in what has officially been protected from further development—the Napa Valley Agricultural Preserve.

If you’re looking for things to do in Napa Valley besides wine tasting, keep your eyes on those wineries anyway. Many offer the chance to saddle up, tee off, or rise above it all on a hot-air balloon ride that delivers sweeping views of the valley in its entirety. This is Wine Country. This is Napa Valley.

Can you feel your mouth watering already? We don’t blame you. That’s why we have so many Napa Valley Vacation Packages for you to choose from. Swirl, sniff, and slurp your way to your favorite today.