Sedona Art Center

Experience Sedona’s exciting arts scene through workshops, classes, exhibitions and events at this thriving hub showcasing the work of local and interstate artists.

See some of Arizona’s finest artists at work, explore insightful exhibitions or get creative at the Sedona Arts Center. This comprehensive institution is Sedona’s premier destination for the arts in two main branches: the Fine Art Gallery and the School of the Arts. The busy cultural center has a full program of exhibitions and workshops to please creators and collectors alike.

Check out the Sedona Arts Center’s Fine Art Gallery to see a diverse showcase of work by local artists. You might find a piece of artwork you would like to collect, such as a photograph, landscape painting, unique ceramic or handcrafted jewelry. The constantly evolving program of exhibitions and themed displays has a hand-picked selection of Sedona’s most significant artists, as well as touring artworks from afar. You might see a collection of works themed on Arizona’s magnificent monsoons, desert landscapes and cultural heritage icons. Check out the Art Barn for more special exhibitions or attend a demonstration by one of the exhibiting artists.

Expand your arts practice or try a new technique for the first time at the Sedona Arts Center’s School of the Arts. This exceptional institution features workshops, lectures, field expeditions and regular classes to help visitors and locals grow their craft. Make the most of the community art programs or learn from a local expert with a private mentoring session. Workshop sessions include open-air landscape painting, filmmaking, writing and photography. Join a retreat or get a different insight into Sedona’s inspiring canyon surroundings with an intrepid expedition.

Check the Sedona Arts Center’s program of events to find out what’s happening during your visit. You might join the Sedona Plein Air Festival in October or pick up special Christmas gifts at the ceramics event in December. The gallery is open daily, except for Thanksgiving and Christmas. The school has a changing schedule, so check ahead of your visit for an up-to-date program.

Sedona Arts Center is located on the town’s eastern border, in the heart of Arizona’s red-rock country. This attraction has something for visitors of all ages and creative abilities.