Coffee Pot

This distinctive rock formation, with a shape that resembles a massive coffee percolator, is a standout in Sedona’s Red Rock Country.

Visible from all over Sedona, Coffee Pot Rock is an impressive rock formation that looms over the town’s western border. The rock’s shape is like a coffee percolator, complete with spout. Hike the trail up to the spout or view the rock from a helicopter.

The trail to Coffee Pot Rock is a popular destination for visitors looking for an easily accessible yet scenic hike. Rising just 400 feet (121.9 meters) over 2.5 miles (4 kilometers), the trail is the perfect trek for beginners and families with children.

While Coffee Pot Rock is located in a bustling neighborhood, the trail is off the beaten path and usually uncrowded. Located just off the highway, the trailhead is shared with other popular hikes, such as Sugarloaf Summit and Teacup Trail. To access the trail, park in the Teacup Trail lot and follow that until you intersect with the Coffee Pot Rock Trail. For much of the hike, you walk along narrow ledges until they become too steep to traverse. If you persevere, you will eventually look up and find yourself right under the spout of the Coffee Pot.

Throughout the hike, you are rewarded with dramatic vistas. Don’t miss Shark Rock, which resembles the gaping mouth of a giant shark. To the left of the trail, the massive formation of Chimney Rock rises into the sky. On the horizon, you can see Cathedral Rock. A majestic collection of red rocks that look like spires, this is one of Sedona’s most renowned natural attractions.

Coffee Pot Rock is a 10-minute drive northwest from the center of Sedona. Sedona has a mild climate year-round. However, if you are hiking in summer, set out early before it gets too hot. Pack sturdy walking shoes and plenty of drinking water. If you don’t feel like hiking, book a seat on a hot air balloon or helicopter ride and see Sedona’s magnificent rocks from the air.

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