Bell Rock

Embark on a short walk or a longer hike to see the horizontal bands of sandstone in this landmark butte and its breathtaking Verde Valley surroundings.

Bell Rock is a stunning tapered sandstone formation that towers into the sky from the Red Rock Country near Sedona. Explore this geological wonder and alleged “vortex” site to find out why many visitors claim to feel a special burst of energy when they walk amid this magnificent canyon landscape. It’s easy to see why when you’re faced with the immense presence of Bell Rock and its surrounding formations, Courthouse Butte and Spaceship Rock.

The trails around Bell Rock begin at a magnificent lookout directly to the south of the rock formation. From here, you can wander along the well-marked Bell Rock Trail to the northern face of the rock. Embark on a short climb partway up the formation, where you’ll be rewarded with panoramic views of the surrounding valley and the sunset hues of the canyon.

Alternatively, you can join the 5-mile (8 kilometer) loop track that leads through magnificent sandy grasslands. Spot small wildflowers soaking up the sun and keep watch for the paw prints of coyotes and foxes. You might also see jackrabbits and lizards. Tiny hummingbirds flit through the treetops. Gaze out into the open sky and you might see hawks or eagles circling above.

Following the loop trail counter-clockwise, you’ll approach Courthouse Butte on your left and the intriguingly shaped Spaceship Rock on your right. The loop track will bring you back to the Bell Rock Trail and finally to the vista at the trailhead.

Bell Rock is situated nearby the Village of Oak Creek, 6.1 miles (9.8 kilometers) south of Sedona. The trails are flat, except for the final climb partway up Bell Rock itself. A car pass is required for Red Rock Country if you want to park and explore the trails. Apart from the pass, this area is free to visit year-round. It is recommended you embark on the hike between fall and spring to avoid the hottest part of the year. Some areas of the hike have little shelter from the sun, so bring sun protection and plenty of water for your walk.