Sip coconut water, eat grilled fish and check out the shopping and entertainment at this beachside promenade.

The Malecon is a popular beachside promenade in Puerto Vallarta. Locals and tourists alike use this boardwalk, which is more than a mile (1.6 kilometers) long, as a meeting point. The area is particularly busy on summer nights. Watch street performers under the palm trees, sample a variety of Mexican street food and enjoy the sunset over the ocean. The Malecon is a great place to sample the local cuisine. Try a piece of grilled fish on a skewer for lunch, or grilled corn with lemon or cheese. A serving of cold tejuino is great on a hot day. This fermented, iced drink is very popular in this part of Mexico, and it is made from the same corn dough as tortillas. Buy a coconut with a straw, a drink called coco de agua; the water inside the coconut is refreshing and is sometimes garnished with lemon and salt. At night, try out tuba, an alcoholic coconut drink that can include walnuts or apple. The Malecon is also lined with sit-down restaurants for more formal dining. Walk the length of the Malecon to see juggling acts, mimes and musicians playing traditional Mexican folk music. On the beach, the impressive sand sculptures carved by local artists provide a number of great photo opportunities. The Malecon is also the fashion district of Puerto Vallarta. You can find many clothes, jewellery and leather outlets along the walkway. There are also many artworks for sale, from paintings of Los Muertos beach to mosaics. Hawkers selling handmade goods are common in this area, particularly in summer, and they can be persistent. The Malecon runs along the edge of the water at Los Muertos beach. It is a 30-minute walk from central Puerto Vallarta.