Edgy boutiques selling trend-setting fashion and 24-hour neon-lit streetscapes harmonize with an incredible history in the largest metropolitan area on the planet.

Tokyo is known worldwide for its sleek, modern skyscrapers, its endless supply of new-to-you bars and restaurants, and a culture that seems to compulsively reinvent itself with fashion ever year or so. Yes, Tokyo is a forward-looking city in every sense of the word, but locals have managed to combine that with a deep respect for the past. Even the most modern, boundary-pushing elements of this hyper-modern city draw on inspiration and tried-and-true technique from history.

Wondering what to do in Tokyo to experience this time warp? Look up. Tokyo Tree, the world’s tallest tower, stretches more than 2,000 feet into the sky, but this twisting tower draws on ancient building techniques and sports a coat of paint custom-designed and modeled after a bluish-white shade used in ancient textiles and crafts. Of course, this color is perfect for lighting up at night to make the structure a harmonious part of the modern Tokyo skyline, too.

Looking for more things to do in Tokyo at night? Good. That’s when much of the city comes alive. Any great night begins with a full belly—especially if it’s padded with eats from a Michelin-starred restaurant. The world’s best eateries aren’t hard to find here, as Tokyo has more than any other city in the world. A great meal in this city means fresh ingredients procured at market early that morning; a recipe that’s been handed down for hundreds of generations; and expert craftsmanship driven by artisan culture that was practiced long before it was hip.

Will your nocturnal adventure take you bar-hopping in the pocket-sized establishments that are practically built right on top of each other in skyscrapers? Or to robot karaoke to reveal your inner super star among hard-working business execs cutting loose after a day’s grind?

Tonight, Tokyo is your seaweed-wrapped, wasabi-topped oyster. Grab one of our Tokyo vacation packages and you’ll get a delectable adventure wrapped in savings.

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