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Historic, futuristic, traditional, and avant-garde: all these characteristics apply to London. Attracting visitors since at least the Roman times, the British capital inspires awe with its royal palaces and stately Georgian townhouses, but also delights with trendy fashion boutiques and eateries that serve fish and chips, Cornish pasties, lamb kebabs, and sushi. Be sure to rent a car in London, so you can explore some of the typical English villages that charm visitors near the city.

Riding Around London

As soon as you arrive on one of your flights to London, you can drive the 16 miles to the city center when you engage car rentals in London. Stop by the Tower of London for a taste of medieval life or drive across the famous Tower Bridge but only when the decks aren't raised so watercraft can pass. Then head for Chobham, a charming village that appears as far back as 1086 in the Domesday Book. The Church of St. Lawrence dominates the surroundings with Victorian updates to its original Norman architecture. The half-timbered houses are worth viewing as architectural delights but many also contain antique shops, clothing boutiques, restaurants, and pubs. Chobham Common reigns as the largest National Nature Reserve in southeast England. For a taste of how the landed gentry live, check out Syon. One of the last great houses of London has been in the Duke of Northumberland's family for over 400 years. You'll be impressed by Van Dyck masterworks, Robert Adam interiors, and 40 acres of gardens. Leave the kids to play at the Snakes and Ladders indoor adventure playground while you try to catch rainbow and brown trout at the Fishery.

Exploring London

Car rentals in London can transport you through the 16 miles from airport to city center in a little over half-an-hour. Get mobile exclusive deals on the Travelocity app, including the best prices on London hotels and flights.

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