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Photo 1 / 3: Get up close and personal with a cheetah.
(Photo provided by the Zoological Society of San Diego)
San Diego
Visit the earth's rarest wild animals as they roam together in herds and flocks on vast expanses similar to their native homelands.
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The San Diego Zoo Safari Park is a wildlife preserve that is home to over 3,200 animals, representing over 400 species.

Exhibits and activities

Africa Tram: Take an exciting-yet-relaxing expedition in a brightly colored tour vehicle to see the zoo's diverse animal collection. The ride passes some of the field exhibits, giving an opportunity to connect with the animals on a closer level.

Cheetah Run: Witness the fastest land mammal up close and personal doing what it does best: running! Watch as the sleek cat races on a straight 330-foot (101-m) track that allows it to stretch its legs and reach a maximum speed of approximately 70 miles (113 km) per hour.

Condor Ridge: Celebrate animals unique to this continent. Get a close look at California condors—as well as bighorn sheep, thick-billed parrots, prairie dogs, and burrowing owls, and take in a panoramic view of the African Plains exhibit below.

Conservation Carousel: For kids and kids at heart, the Carousel features 60 rides to choose from, many of which replicate rare and endangered animals. Ride as a giraffe, rhino, zebra, cheetah, and more—which will be your favorite?

Discovery Station: Designed to give children and their adult companions a playful space for animal-themed fun, this area is filled with musical instruments, puppets, books, craft activities, and wildlife "toys.” Educators facilitate learning and activities every day during park hours. Stop by for an impromptu animal presentation, or do a stone rubbing of your favorite animal footprint.

Elephant Valley: See an African elephant herd from a viewing patio or overlook and catch youngsters frolicking while the adults munch away. Tembo Stadium is the site of various shows throughout the year.

Fisher-Price Samburu Jungle Gym: Kids love to climb and explore in this safari-themed play area; parents love the shade-covered picnic area! Located below Benbough Amphitheater.

Frequent Flyers Bird Show: Crane your neck as the avian stars soar over your head and perform, showcasing their amazing natural abilities, at the Bird Show Amphitheater, located between Gorilla Forest and African Woods.

Gorilla Forest: Study gorillas as they stare back curiously, and witness bee-eaters catching their next stinging meal. Admire the birds in Hidden Jungle, a neo-tropical aviary with an abundance of plants, and delight in the aerial antics during a presentation in the Bird Show Amphitheater.

Lion Camp: Get nose to nose with a lion! Experience a close encounter at the Safari Park's Lion Camp, with only a thick glass window separating viewers from the lions and their world.

Lorikeet Landing: Watch the colorful rainbow lorikeets swoop down to enjoy nectar offered by guests. Food is available for purchase to experience the thrill of feeding these birds by hand.

Nairobi Village: At the edge of Mombasa Lagoon, the Village offers sightings of red river hogs and Rodrigues fruit bats, and features the zoo’s Animal Care Center, where young or injured animals stay for extra care. Check out the Petting Kraal, where kids and kids at heart can give gentle antelope, sheep, or deer a loving pat.

Robert the Zebra: Have a conversation with a zebra! Robert the Zebra lives in digital, animated form on a large screen, where he looks out at his human visitors. He asks questions, cracks jokes, talks about zebra life, and is very curious about humans. Chat with this interactive digital zebra in the park's Discovery Station Amphitheater.

Safari Base Camp: Bustling with shops, restaurants, animal exhibits and presentation areas, this camp also offers activities such as Conservation Carousel and Discovery Station for children . . . as well as being home to Robert the Zebra.

Inclusions :

  • Admission to the Safari Park
  • Unlimited rides on the Africa Tram
  • Cheetah Run
  • All shows and exhibits

Hours of operation:
(through the end of 2013)

January 1-February 15; February 19-March 15; April 8-May 24; May 28-June 28; September 3-November 28; December 2-25: 9 AM-5 PM
March 16-April 7: 8 AM-7 PM
February 16-18; May 25-27; August 19-September 2; November 29-30; December 1, 26-31: 9 AM-6 PM
June 29-August 18: 9 AM-7 PM


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