Travel is a gift, and it comes with the responsibility of giving back along the way.  So every place that I travel with the “Let’s Roam” show I’ll be spending the day with one organization and in this episode it’s Bideawee, home to some of the cutest and most well-cared-for pets, just waiting to be adopted by you.

Like its people, New York’s animal inhabitants come in all colors, shapes and personalities.  They are 100% part of the family.  And while thousands of pets have found a loving home in New York, the ones that haven’t turn to Bideawee, the cupid of canines and cats.  For over 100 years, Bideawee has made New York’s pet welfare their number one mission, finding life-long homes for thousands of animals in need.

For animal lovers, Bideawee is a dream voluntourism experience.  The cats, well, they oversee your cleaning duties and make sure to let you know you’re doing a good job.  While the puppies, they will give you a run for your money.

And play time –  it’s an essential piece in making sure these precious pets are prepared for their new homes.  But pairing pets and people isn’t an easy task.  So, what’s the secret to  Bideawee’s match-making success?  Their team knows the ins and outs of every cat and dog.  So the only risk of a volunteer day at Bideawee is coming home with a few new friends!

For more information on volunteering at Bideawee go to

  • Maggie

    I remember Bidawee when I was in New York. They do such a great service in finding homes for pets.

    • Courtney Scott

      Maggie, I agree! They are such a passionate organization.

  • Leslie Horning

    What a great organization! I think you picked the perfect one for New York City. :)

    • Courtney Scott

      :) Agreed!

  • Snowboard Program

    Interesting observation on how a good – can shape ones perspective. Thanks for your sharing. Congratulations again on a good job Courtney.