Editor’s Note: This holiday season, the Roaming Gnome will interview a few of his favorite travel writers about their holiday plans and travel tips. Please welcome them to The Window Seat.

Grant Martin is the Editor in Chief of Gadling within the Huffington Post Media Group at AOL. He also works as a materials scientist at a startup tech company. You can also follow him on Twitter.


RG: Where are you off to this holiday season? New York City? Tahiti? Poughkeepsie?
GM: My parents want to go somewhere that’s the intersection of “close by” and “inexpensive” and I think that translates to Central America — probably somewhere on the western coast of Costa Rica or maybe Panama. I’m still waiting for the stars to align on ticket prices though. Let me know if you see any great deals over Thanksgiving.

RG: Find great deals? That’s what I do ol’ chap! I’ll send you some, be sure to tell mum and dad hullo! Now that we have that squared away if you had to be stuck at an airport during the holidays – which one would you choose? (I’d go wherever there’s frozen yogurt!)
You can’t really beat the digs at Singapore’s Changi airport with their hotel, pool and myriad public activities. Rumor has it that their airport is more exciting than the city itself.

RG: What’s the one thing you can’t travel without? Me- my wit and good looks of course!
Power. I have a cable for my computer and my Android wherever I go. As long as I can stay connected and keep my blog churning then I’m occupied ad infinitum. I guess an extra pair of socks might help too. And a Helios Nanolab Dual Focused Ion Beam. Never know when you’re going to need to prepare a sample for transmission electron microscopy.

RG: What’s your favorite travel tip? I always say leave early in case there is a line at the airport bar.
: Take your rollaboard, open it up in on your floor at home and use it as a bed for your cat. Duffel bags are easier to stuff into an overhead bin, rarely need to be checked and make handling stairs a breeze.

RG: I can’t carry a duffel bag, my arms are cemented to my sides. Another fun travel fact: I easily fit in overhead compartment bins. What’s your fun travel fact?
Fun fact: If you’re nice to the people that work in the travel industry they’ll be nice to you in return. It makes the entire experience much better for everyone.

RG: What sort of entertainment do you enjoy while traveling? I enjoy celebrity gossip magazines, but don’t tell anyone.
Really? Last time we went out I couldn’t get you away from the bars.

RG: Shall we spend Spring Break together? I do a wicked cannonball.
You know, last time I took you up on an offer to hang out you left me with a Columbian wrestler on a speed boat outside of Miami. I mean, I can get by on my own, but every time you get drunk I end up dragging you back to the hotel and making excuses for you. You know what though? Forget it. Lets do it.

RG: I never get drunk, just a bit jolly.


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