Editor’s Note: This holiday season, the Roaming Gnome will interview a few of his favorite travel writers about their holiday plans and travel tips. Please welcome them to The Window Seat.

Eileen Ogintz is the author of the widely syndicated column TakingtheKids and is the creator of www.takingthekids.com as well as the author of seven family travel books. She is considered  the country’s leading family travel expert and is widely quoted on how families can travel smarter and happier.  You can also follow her on Twitter.

RG:         Where are you off to this holiday season? New York City? Tahiti? Poughkeepsie? 
I may be going to Hong Kong and right after new years, I’m doing a sailing trip in the British Virgin Islands with my family
RG:         That sounds smashing!  If you had to be stuck at an airport during the holidays – which one would you choose? (I’d go wherever there’s frozen yogurt!) 
         NONE! But I do like the new Jet Blue Terminal at JFK- there is even an EXOFFICIO Store so if you are really desperate, you can buy some quick-dry undies!

RG:         What’s the one thing you can’t travel without? Me- my wit and good looks of course! 
         My Kindle! I can’t stand to be anywhere without a book and my water bottle so I can travel green and ask for ice water instead of buying a bottle

RG:         I love to travel green – and I love a good read (I enjoy celebrity gossip magazines, but don’t tell anyone).  What sort of entertainment do you enjoy while traveling?
         I like reading a good mystery on my Kindle or NOOK and if it is a really long flight, catching up on movies I haven’t seen. For road trips, love audio books

RG:         What’s your favorite travel tip? I always say leave early in case there is a line at the airport bar. 
         Keep your sense of humor—especially when you have kids with you.  If you get upset, they’ll get upset too. And no matter how messed up your plans get, it will make for a good story later!

RG:         When going home for the holidays do you stay with family/friends or at a hotel? 
         Usually they are coming to my house!

RG:         Fun travel fact: I easily fit in overhead compartment bins. What’s your fun travel fact? 
         More than 100 million trips a year include families!

RG:         I’ve traveled at various times of the year, but holidays are my favorite times. When else can you see holiday sweaters and poodles on layovers? What’s your best holiday travel story? 
         HMMM there are so many! We’ve met Santa on the ski slopes and also on the beach in the Caribbean.  He does really get around!

RG:         Airport and travel shopping is my guilty pleasure. (I think I own a neck pillow in every color.) How many gifts will you be purchasing from SkyMall and/or Hudson News this year? 
         Hopefully none

RG:         Shall we spend Spring Break together? I do a wicked cannonball. 
         Absolutely..on the beach or on the slopes???

RG:         Why not both!?


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  • http://GoBIGorGoHomeBlog.com Traci

    RG, some of us ARE spending the holidays in the Poughkeepsie area, actually!

    Yes, a sense of humor is critical! Especially when your holidays mean spending time with in-laws.

  • http://www.vacanta.com/cazare-rasnov/ Cazare Rasnov

    I already read all her seven books about family traveling and I found all of this really interesting, I think she’s well skilled in writing and she has behind a long experience in this.

  • http://www.journeyfish.com Bob Fisher

    A sign of the times when an essential accessory is a kindle – it used to be a laptop! I’m visiting southern Russia during Christmas staying at the new Park Inn Hotel in Astrakhan Hotel in Astrakhan where I hope Santa pops in to visit.