Do you dream about being in front of the Trevi Fountain, or on a Venetian gondola ride at sunset, or even hugging the curves as you speed along the Amalfi Coast highway in a Vespa? If that sounds like your ultimate dream vacation, then enter the Travelocity #iWannaGo contest for your chance to win a trip to discover all the wonders of Italy.

Tour the Roman Forum, have a seat in the Colosseum, hike Cinque Terre, or stroll the Pantheon. Imagine standing in front of works by Renaissance masters Titian, Caravaggio, Tintoretto, and Bernini at the Capitoline, or browsing the Uffizi Gallery in Florence. Shop like a diva from the Spanish Steps to the Via Condotti, and browse the historic markets at Campo de Fiori.

If ancient ruins are calling you to Sicily, imagine yourself touring the Valle dei Templi, sampling an island full of sumptuous cuisine, and basking on gorgeous Italian beaches. The Vatican will share its splendor and hushed secrets with you, and in Milan you’ll meet the cast of in Michaelangelo’s The Last Supper. (Perhaps that’s taking it a bit far – but you’ll never know until you go!)

Whether it’s eating pizza in Naples, or devouring gelato in Florence’s Piazza della Signoria, share your #iWannaGo travel plan by entering the contest at, then brush up on your Italian. Or French.  Or Russian. Or whatever they speak where you’d love to go. You might just need that second language sooner than you think!

  • Carol

    I want an Italian vacation from Oct. 3-11 with 1st class accommodations, king size beds, tours of under 15 people, with flight from Wash DC…..Want to see Rome, Venice, and Florence. Can you do it? Oh, and at $7000 or less.