I’m sitting here in my apartment in Brooklyn feeling extremely lucky that I came away unscathed from the wrath of Sandy.  On behalf of everyone at Travelocity, my thoughts are with all of the families who are dealing with devastation and loss, as well as all of the first responders who have heroically come to the aid of East Coast residents.

The latest tally on cancelled flights is in the tens of thousands, which is impacting travel across the world.  If you are faced with a cancelled flight, here’s what you need to do.

1.  Log-on to your carrier’s website and look for the Hurricane Sandy travel policy.  It should be posted on the home page.   This will explain the procedures for re-booking your flight including the waiver code required to re-book and the window of time in which you are allowed to re-book.

2.  If you weren’t a fan of Twitter before, now’s the time to start following.   During these next few days, airlines are going to be utilizing Twitter to quickly get information out to the masses, since phone lines will be clogged and many people don’t have power, but do have smartphone service.

3.  Be prepared to stay where you are:  The ripple effect caused by thousands of cancellations coupled with the major flooding at LaGuardia means flight cancellations could perpetuate for days.  Patience will be essential to weather the aftermath of Sandy.  If you need a last-minute hotel reservation, use Travelocity’s mobile app to find hotels with vacancy in your area.

Below are the Hurricane Sandy travel policies and Twitter accounts for major airline carriers:

Jet Blue Travel Policy |  @ JetBlue

Delta Travel Policy |  @Delta 

American Airlines Travel Policy | @AmericanAir

US Airways Travel Policy | @USAirways

United Airlines Travel Policy | @United_Airlines

Spirit Airlines Travel Policy

Alitalia Travel Policy | @alitalia

Air Canada Travel Policy | @aircanada 

British Airways Travel Policy | @British_Airways

TAP Portugal Travel Policy | @Taportugal

Air France Travel Policy | @airfrance 


To contact Travelocity and receive help with your booking here’s where to call:

1.888.872.8356 (Toll-free) | 1.210.477.1089 (Outside the U.S.) | En Español: 1.855.369.5502 (7am to 10:30pm CT)

[Photo Credit:  NASA Goddard via Flickr]