Rome greets visitors with many faces: the ancient walls of the Colosseum; Renaissance Rome's sun-dappled piazzas; the Vatican and St. Peters Basilica; the Trevi Fountain and other scenes borrowed by Roman Holiday. Art is everywhere, often tucked into tiny churches, and evening brings enotecas and other nightlife alive. Just dont forget your Prada: Romans know style as well as history. And they know food. At restaurants in Rome, try tuna fish on pizza and drink after-meal espresso with class; cafs around the Pantheon are especially good places to observe the ancient yet thriving City of Seven Hills. Once you've experienced a day in the life of a Romani, youll definitely need a place to farsi un sonno ristoratore (get your beauty sleep). Hotel rooms in Rome are abundant, if small; find a great boutique hotelhps one in lovely Montind experience living in one of the citys most popular neighborhoods. Whether youre doing Rome on a budget or plan on staying in luxury hotels and living it up Roma-style, pack your walking shoes and big, black sunglasses!

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