Some people will always have Paris. Some of us just feel like were always hearing about Paris. With all the Francophile fanfare, you might expect that the citys well-documented joys, from the Eiffel Tower to the Champs-lyses, are overrated. Theyre not. And neither are some of the less trumpeted things to do in Paris; try adding Sainte-Chapelle to your list of key stops like the Louvre and Notre-Dame. Wherever you go (and whatever you eat), the City of Light and its pleasures are hard not to love, even when traveling alone in Paris. Drift down the Seine on a boat tour or dine at one of thousands of restaurants offering diverse cuisine, from traditional French to African to Indian. In short, everything wonderful you've heard about the city is true, and you can expect amour at first sight. Conveniently, Paris is full of lovely hotels, especially romantic hotels, where you can revel in your newfound appreciation for the capital of France. Find a flight and practice your best bonjour, mon amour!

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