Traditional London is alive and welth a healthy dose of experimental theater, haute cuisine, and techno beats mixed in. Today, lesser-known gems like Spitalfields Market and the Wallace Collection complement the more popular things to do in London. Though the weather can be dreary, a visit to this thriving city is anything but. While there are hundreds of great hotels in London, its luxury hotels are especially good places to get the royal treatment you deserve. If youre feeling more economical, the Allen House is a comfortable and convenient option, and there is no lack of hostels. Once youre settled and get your visit to the queen at Buckingham Palace over with, you may want to get outdoors to enjoy some of the hiking trails outside London. And after you walk the city or the moorlands nearby, you will want to eat. London may not be a world-renowned dining destination, but there are plenty of world-class restaurants. Many diners declare that Londons Indian restaurants, especially those on Brick Lane, serve Englands national cuisinend serve it wells youre planning to swim the Channel from France.

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