The Roaming Gnome is currently traipsing about Austin, Texas! He’s hit up the first weekend of the ACL festival and is busy getting an insider look at the land of weird from local hosts, Do512.  Tasty tacos of course, are the quintessential Austin fuel. And the Roaming Gnome has a few highlights from his trip so far, to help get you chowing down in all the right places.  If you’re planning on visiting Austin or heading to the second weekend of the ACL Festival, this Gnome Guide is for you:


Juan In a Million

“Now which Juan do you order at Juan in a million? Definitely the Don Juan. That’s which Juan.”—RG



El Primo

“I have two words: Breakfast. Tacos. Wait, I have three more words: Eat. Them. Here.” —RG



“I really liked the bacon. And the avocado. And the beans. And the eggs. And the tortillas. And the sausage. And the part where I got to put all those things in my belly at the same time. “ —RG




Torchys 1
“My friends at Do512 said no trip to Austin would be complete without Torchy’s. And I say no trip to Torchy’s would be complete without hogging all your friend’s tacos.” — RG



Lard Have Mercy

“They have a taco with a bacon shell. I KNOW. My noggin almost couldn’t handle it. Fortunately my mouth jumped in and took care of everything just fine.“ —RG

Tacos are just the beginning of the Roaming Gnome’s Austin adventure. To see even more awesome stops follow him on Instagram and Twitter. There are more gnome guides to come!