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Labor Day: The Last (and Best) Chance for a Summer Vacation

For Americans, the Labor Day weekend is traditionally considered the unofficial end of summer. Beyond just being a milepost... more

Must-See Summer Escapes for Adventure Travelers

Calling all thrill seekers! Are you looking for an epic adventure this summer? From rock climbing to zip lining, we’ve... more

Summer Getaways the Whole Family will Love

Stop searching for the perfect family-friendly getaway. Summer is the perfect time to travel and we have a list of trips... more

Plan a Glamorous Girls Weekend Getaway

Summertime is the perfect time for a girls weekend getaway! From street food and shopping to beaches and blackjack, we want... more

Final college course: Travel 101

There is a unique moment in time – that short period after graduation, but before entering “the real world” – that... more

Visiting American Landmarks for Independence Day

Travelocity® commissioned a survey of 1,000 Americans that revealed nearly half of Americans have never visited many of the... more

Thanksgiving Travel Tips

You probably know that Thanksgiving (and the weekend that follows) is the busiest travel time of the year, but with the... more

Star Spangled Birthday: Philadelphia’s Party on the Parkway

Happy birthday, America! It's been 238 great years and every city in the nation will be lighting up some big candles on that... more

Augmented Reality: Do you know the way to Scan Jose?

There is nothing quite like a San Jose holiday. If you've been, you just know. And if you haven't, you should go! Located in... more

Minneapolis Vacation: Lakes, Laughter and Loads of Shopping

Did you know that the state of Minnesota has more shoreline than California, Florida or Hawaii? Minneapolis alone boasts... more

Summer Events & Family Time in NYC

Seeing the sights in New York City at least once is a must in anyone’s lifetime, but if you’ve already been there and... more

Glacier National Park: An Unsurpassed True Wilderness Experience

Glacier National Park in northwest Montana is filled with some of the most picturesque scenery on earth. With over 700 miles... more

Find the Perfect Fit for Your Camping Style

What’s your idea when it comes to the “right” way to go camping? Some say it isn’t truly camping if you’re not far... more

Best West Coast Beaches vs. Best East Coast Beaches

After a very long, cold winter, a beach vacation may be just what the doctor ordered. From Oregon to California, and from... more

A Weekend Living the Hollywood Life

Who hasn’t dreamed of living a life like some of Hollywood’s hottest celebs? While the odds of becoming an A-lister are... more

Let’s Go Fishing!

If you’re looking for the ultimate fishing experience, whether to instill the joy of fishing within your kids or for your... more

Volcanoes are Awesome

The Big Island of Hawaii is one of the best places on the planet to see an active volcano. Hawaii Volcanoes National Park,... more

Hike the Northern Appalachian Trail

The Appalachian Trail is one of the longest continuously marked footpaths on earth, measuring about 2,180 miles in length... more

First Time in New York

Stepping onto the streets of New York City for the first time can be a mind-boggling experience. With so much to see and do,... more

Lucky Breaks and Super Swells: World’s Best Surfing Locations

The sun comes up over the waterline, highlighting powerful swells that move intently toward the shore. Beautiful rises crest... more

Postcards From Abroad: Epic Italy Vacations

First-time visitors to Italy generally tend towards packing too much visual baggage into the itinerary suitcase, jamming... more

A Holiday in South Africa

People are often drawn to South Africa’s fascinating landscape for its natural beauty, wildlife and ever-present sunshine.... more

The Ferocious Falls: Romance and Drama in Niagara

As with any massive natural beauty, Niagara Falls is best viewed up-close and personal. This dramatic diva demands live, 3-D... more

The Haute Harbor: Things to do in Baltimore Harbor

When visiting Baltimore, you can find an inner-city haven that has handsome, modern residential options close to good... more

The Beach, the Boardwalk and the Bling: Things to do in Atlantic City

In its infancy, Atlantic City was settled on Absecon Island by clam diggers and oyster harvesters. By the 1800s, it grew... more

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