Articles by Courtney Scott

Save on Summer Travel with Packages (And 4 Other Ways to Save)

When it comes to summer escapes, more people are looking for ways to get the most out of their travel dollar. With that goal... more

6 Steps to a Splendid Weekend in Miami, Florida

It's only January and we have already been hit with heavy snow, blizzard conditions and freezing temperatures from Dallas to... more

Follow These 4 Spirit Trails This Fall – Beer, Wine, Bourbon & Tequila

You've all heard of a booze cruise, but what about a spirit trail?  From bourbon to beer, wine to tequila, these spirits... more

How to Pack for a Month in Carry-On Luggage

How to pack?  What to pack?  What to pack in? The packing dilemma continues to be a big one, and everyone has adopted... more

5 Awesome Roadside Attractions

From iconic to sporty to just plain quirky, here are our picks for this summer's must-see roadside attractions. Beer... more

Jetpacking – One of the Best Things to Do in St. Thomas

As water sports go, I've done most of them. But none have given me as great an adrenaline rush as jetpacking.  In a... more

Top 5 Budget Hotels at Walt Disney World

So, you've decided to visit Walt Disney World but you're not quite sure where to begin? Well, lodging is a great place to... more

How to Plan the Perfect Summer Picnic in Dallas, Texas

I'm a sucker for a good summer picnic, especially an urban picnic in the heart of a city. Here's my guide to the perfect... more

Five Perks of All-Inclusive Hotels

While all-inclusive hotels are not for every traveler, when it comes to convenience and great value, the pros far out-weigh... more

Watch Out for These Travel Scams

Travelers beware, you are a prime target for scammers and con artists who want your money, your luggage, even your identity.... more

How to Plan a Successful Family Vacation

Family travel can be tricky, especially when family members have diverse hobbies and tastes.  Multi-generational travel... more

Five Facts About Cozumel

Today, blogger JJ Hartmann of Igougo has applied one of our favorite trivia games to one of our favorite Mexican... more

Travelocity’s Local Secrets, Big Finds – Reno Red’s in Roanoke, TX

In Texas, not far from Travelocity's headquarters, a fantastic foodie scene is blossoming in the Wild West town of... more

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