Well, it’s that time of year again: travel-booking season. This week alone I’ve gotten three emails from friends asking me if I have any insider secrets on how to score the best deals on our site.


After answering each of them, I realized it might be nice to share these “secrets” with all of you. In truth, they’re not really secrets but it is surprising how many people don’t know how to harness the power of sites like Travelocity and find the best deals.

Here are my Top 5 Secrets to Scoring Travel Deals on Travelocity:


1) Shop the Sales: Maybe we’ve all become a little cynical, but for some reason my friends always eye sales skeptically. Is that really the best deal, they ask? While travel prices vary, shopping the sales is a good place to start. Sales feature properties who are looking to fill up rooms fast and you can usually find some incredible rates.

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2) Flight + Hotel Package: The vast majority of my friends have still not tried booking a Flight + Hotel vacation package–and I can’t figure out why. If you’re not booking your flight with reward points or frequent-flier miles, it’s one of the best ways to save on your trip. On average, people who book a Flight + Hotel vacation our site save $525. That’s no small chunk of change!

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3) Top Secret Hotels: I’m not on the Top Secret Hotels team–but I should be. I’m obsessed with this cool new product from Travelocity. As someone on the younger end of the spectrum, I’m on a limited travel budget and in most cities, I really don’t care which hotel I’m staying at. The brand name is not important to me. The star rating? Sure! The location? Definitely!

That’s why I love Top Secret Hotels. We’ll show you the price, the location, the star rating, and even the customer ratings–but not the hotel’s name. You can save up to 55% by booking this way and there’s no bidding required.

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top secret


4) FareWatcher: Don’t need to book right now? Be sure to sign up for FareWatcher and our complex mega-techno-systems* (*not their actual name) will track prices for you. I always click the button that says, Hey, email me if prices drop $25. I’m a sucker for saving money.

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5) Low Fare Alert: Need help with just a flight? One of my favorite pages on our site is the Low Fare Alert page. This is where we catalog today’s lowest fares. You can sort the fares by your home city and it’s a fun page for people still in the dreaming phase of travel planning. How much would it cost to fly to New York City? Cancun? Orlando? With just a few clicks, you can find out.

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