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What is it?
  • The Travelocity World MasterCard allows you to earn points towards free travel.
How do I apply?
  • To apply for a card visit OR call 1-888-567-4236 any time. You can also print the application from the website and fax it to 1-800-830-6453.
How do I earn points?
  • You'll earn 1 point for every net dollar spent on the card and 3 points for every net dollar of finance charges. When you reach 8,000 points you will be notified that you've earned $100 off your next Travelocity purchase. When you make your first purchase or balance transfer on the card, you'll receive a 4,000 point bonus.

    Periodically, Travelocity will also have specials, allowing you to earn even more points. Watch your e-mail, your newsletters, your Travelocity World MasterCard statement and the Travelocity Magazine for news of special bonus offers.

How do I redeem points?
  • You'll receive your reward certificate number on your Travelocity World MasterCard statement. Simply select the certificate number after you enter your World MasterCard credit card number as you make a purchase on Travelocity. Your reward amount will be credited to your Travelocity World MasterCard account. Please note, you must use your Travelocity World MasterCard to make the purchase.
Do my reward certificate(s) expire?
  • No, reward certificates never expire.
What if I lose my certificate(s)?
  • If you have lost or misplaced your Travelocity World MasterCard statement, call 1-888-544-9882. A Citibank representative will assist you.
What if I redeem points but cancel the reservation? Can the points be returned to my account?
  • Once you enter the certificate code and purchase the reservation, points are non-refundable. The credit for your certificate(s) will still appear on your Travelocity World MasterCard billing statement.
Can I check the status of my account?
  • You can check your account status online at Or, you can call Citibank customer service at 1-888-544-9882.
I didn't use the right credit card. Can I cancel the purchase and use my Travelocity World MasterCard?
  • If you have booked a non-refundable ticket or a Travelocity Value Rate hotel, you cannot cancel the reservation.
I redeemed a reward certificate. When will I see my credit on my statement?
  • In most cases, a credit will appear on your next Travelocity World MasterCard statement.
I qualified for an award certificate today. When will I be able to use my reward certificate?
  • Your reward certificate number will appear on your next statement. You are free to use it any time after that.
Do I get credit for partial use of a reward?
  • You will not receive credit for any unused portion of a reward certificate. For example, if you purchase an airline ticket for $275, you can redeem a total of three $100 reward certificates. Your Travelocity World MasterCard account will be credited only for the purchase price of $275 and your certificate number(s) will be considered redeemed.
Can I redeem my reqard certificates on other travel sites such as Yahoo! or AOL?
  • No, reward certificates may only be used for purchases on
Is the Travelocity World MasterCard offered outside of the United States?
  • No, only residents of the United States may apply for the card.
Can I redeem my reward certificates for all travel purchases?
  • You can redeem your certificates for air purchases. Hotel, car, vacations and cruises will be added soon.
Where can I find out how many points I have earned?
  • You can get details of your account at or call Travelocity World MasterCard customer service at 1-888-544-9882.
How do I contact Citibank?
I've lost my Travelocity World MasterCard. Who should I contact?
  • Call customer service at 1-888-544-9882 immediately to report a lost or stolen card. You're protected by MasterCard's Zero Liability feature.
Does Citibank charge a membership fee to receive the card?
  • Yes, there is a $50 annual fee for the World MasterCard. Travelocity membership is free.
I forgot to include my reward certificate number when I made my reservations. Can I add it to my reservation now?
  • You must include the reward certificate number at the time you make the reservation with your World MasterCard.

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