Low Fare Alert Information

Please note that, as described below, we cannot guarantee that every fare displayed to you in either our Low Fare Alert or FareFinder search will actually be available to purchase.

What types of fares will you show me?

Most airlines publish many types of fares for each city pair and even publish different fares for the same flight. These fares vary in prices and restrictions. For example, some fares may be more expensive because they are fully refundable, and some fares may be cheaper because they are restricted. You can often get a cheaper fare by choosing a restricted fare that requires an advance purchase, a Saturday-night stay, one or more connections, or any combination of these and other factors.

Why am I unable to purchase some published fares?

There may be instances in which an airline publishes a fare for a certain city pair, but does not actually provide service between those cities. Airlines may do this for various reasons, such as in anticipation of providing service to that city at some future date (particularly international cities) or seasonal service to certain cities. Since the fares displayed by Travelocity are based solely on the fares published by the airlines, we cannot control when this happens. Therefore, although most fares that are displayed in Low Fare Alert or FareFinder searches are available for purchase, some published fares may be restricted (i.e., advance purchase or Saturday-night stay required) or, in some cases, not available for purchase. When you select a fare, we will show you a calendar that indicates the dates on which that fare is "offered," "not offered," "sold out," or has "seats available."

What does "Fare Offered" mean?

"Fare offered" means that the airline has published the fare for travel on that date. However, it does not mean that tickets are available to purchase for that date. In some cases, a date may show that an airline has "offered" (or published) a fare even though it currently does not provide service to that city. If you select one of these fares, we will inform you that the airline does not provide service to that city.

What does "Fare Not Offered" mean?

"Fare not offered" means that the fare you've selected is not offered by the airline on these dates. For example, if the fare you are searching for is only offered by the airline for flights on Tuesdays and Thursdays, every other day (except for Tuesday and Thursday) will be marked as "fare not offered."

What does "Sold Out" mean?

"Sold out" means that all the seats for that fare on that date have been sold.

What does "Seats Available" mean?

"Seats available" means that, at the time you selected the fare, there were still seats available for that fare on the dates highlighted as "seats available." But remember, seats can sell out quickly on an airline, even while you are in the process of selecting your travel dates. When you select a specific travel date from one of those highlighted as "seats available," we will reconfirm that seats are in fact still available for you to purchase for that date.

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