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Yannis Karmis - President, Travelocity Business

Yannis Karmis brings a wide range of experience from across the travel industry as leader of the Travelocity Partner Network (TPN). Karmis directs the team responsible for developing strategic partnerships with a variety of brands that sell travel through TPN’s award winning e-commerce solutions. His team is focused on supporting strategic initiatives and sales growth with clients like Royal Bank of Canada, Capital One and AAA.

Previously, Karmis served as president of Travelocity Business and prior to joining the Travelocity team, Karmis spent 12 years working in various positions at Sabre Holdings, including serving as vice president of global customer support for Sabre Travel Network in Montevideo, Uruguay. 

Mr. Karmis was vice president of customer solutions and technical sales for Sabre Travel Network from 2006 to 2007, responsible for travel agency product sales and business development.  In this role, he oversaw a significant increase in product adoption among North American corporate and leisure agencies, as well as the expansion of Sabre’s relationships with prominent online travel agencies.

Mr. Karmis earned a master's degree in business administration from the Neeley School at Texas Christian University, and a bachelor's degree from Virginia Tech.  He also completed the Certified Travel Counselor (CTC) Program offered by the Travel Institute.   

Favorite Travel Moment:

Visiting the Iguassu Falls on the Brazil-Argentina border.  The falls are amazing and we loved visiting, even if my wife was seven months pregnant, and I was carrying our three-year old who had her arm wrapped in plastic grocery bags because she had just dislocated it on our trip. The adventure makes the trip that much more rewarding.

Yannis Karmis

Yannis Karmis

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