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Would You Tip A Flight Attendant?

You can’t swing a dead cat these days without hearing how awful air travel is; stories of delays, cancellations, and surly flight attendants abound. But what if there was a way to make it better?

I read a great blog post recently that posed a really interesting question: could we get better service on airplanes if we tipped? After all, we tip for everything else: a morning latte, a dinner out, the convenience of having the bellman bring your bags up to the room. Would it make a difference if you slipped the flight attendant a couple of bucks as she handed over your diet coke? Sure, it’s not standard now—you’d probably get it passed back to you with a polite but firm no thank you, ma’am—but what if it was common practice? What if everyone tipped on planes?

What do you think? Would you do it? Should you do it? Would it make a difference to the general flying experience?



Steve D.

For years all we’ve heard is that they’re there for our safety. Would you tip a cop? Didn’t think so.


As a flight attendant I would probably politely turn down the tip once and then graciously accept it if it was offered a second time. We hardly ever get tips even if we come running everytime the call light is pushed. It’s not really a complaint, because I love my job and know that it not only entails me being there for your safety, but to also provide a great guest experience. I do however think about it when people seem to think I am their personal servant not a drink server on the plane. I also don’t love to tip other industies as much now that I don’t get tipped myself, especially ones that I know I do more work for nothing then they do.

Geno Menchetti

Most frequent travelers have some type of “above and byond” or “Applause” certificates we give them that they can use for prizes and travel. I think that tipping them is as inappropriate f as tipping the captain for making a smoth landing.

Terry C

My view is that tips in general become viewed as an entitlement, not a reward for good service.

Daisy Jasper

Tipping flight attendants would only add to the idea (already in place)that they are mere waiters/waitresses (with benefits, of course); I’m not sure that’s how they want to be thought of…. or is it?

Eric Graham

Hmm.It might all depends on how much you are willing to give. I don’t think if it would make any difference if you tip like what you do with the people at coffee shop.


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I guess it wouldn’t be really bad to tip some people there at the airport. The only problem is identifying those who can really help you. You don’t wanna waste your money for that.

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