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Would You Pay Extra to Lie Flat in Economy?

It’s the long-distance traveler’s dream: you have a row of four seats to yourself and you can stretch out across them for the entire 14-hour journey. “Why do people bother paying the extra for business class?” you think. “This is wonderful!”

Ah, but not so fast: when was the last time you saw one empty seat on the plane, let alone a whole row? Recent capacity cuts have meant frequently crowded planes, and if you want to stretch out and lie flat in coach these days, you’re pretty much out of luck.

Enter Air New Zealand, and its pioneering Skycouch. A row of three seats in economy that folds back into an almost-flat bed, it sounds almost too good to be true, right?

Well, kind of. First of all, you need to be traveling with someone you know well enough to snuggle with (cozying up to the stranger in 34A? No thanks.) Second of all, each Skycouch seat costs about $70 more than a regular seat, and you’ve got to buy three seats for two people, although Air New Zealand is apparently entertaining a pricing structure that would cut the cost of the third seat in half when you buy the two together.

Worth it? I’m not sure. It’s tempting, but would it really be worth the extra dough? What do you think?



Camels & Chocolate

Eh, I’m skeptical. It looks no different than when I luck out and get a full row to myself in coach and, accordingly stretch out, as the cozy couple above did.


It does seem like a row of seats open on a plane. For a longer flight it may be worth the extra money to insure a nap!

buddy thomas

hmmm depends on how much they bump up the prices to, but it would be a good option for a long flight

Funny Sports

If I’m flying to New Zealand, I would absolutely pay extra to lay down! This would be a fantastic offer!!!

Wisconsin Dells Hotels

Heck yes I would. I need my beauty sleep, especially during intercontinental travel.


um..that sleeping arrangement looks a bit…intimate?…for a public place. No. Just, no.

Legitimate Work From Home Jobs

Recently returning to Michigan from Florida on a completely full plane (both ways) I would have paid the extra money for a couch seat – even on the 2.5 hour flight.


It looks comfortable in the picture. Hope the price to pay for this will not be too high. It’s a good option for long flights, but still need to have another person travelling with you if you want to use this option.

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