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What’s the big deal about Virgin America?

When Virgin America began ticket sales late last month, the site was so flooded with traffic that potential customers – frustrated by long delays – simply gave up trying. Certainly, plenty of people were trying to book at once, but the real culprit was an orchestrated cyber attack that resulted in a slow start for sales. Though the offender remains unknown, it does get you wondering. Could a rival airline have been responsible? Very unlikely, though several of the legacy carriers lobbied vigorously to block Virgin America from entering the market.

Conspiracy theories aside, the amount of coverage given to the latest in a long line of so-called low-cost carriers does beg the question: Will it live up to the hype? With JFK-SFO fares that start at $139 each way, Virgin America certainly isn’t the cheapest way to fly across the country; in fact, JetBlue, American Airlines and Alaska Airlines all offered cheaper fares – by as much as $67 round-trip – for the same route on a test-date search on – (What kind of low-cost carrier is this anyway?)

But Virgin America thinks you’ll fly them anyway. Why? For the in-flight experience. But they haven’t even started flying yet, you think to yourself. The first flight isn’t scheduled until August 8, but if the promotional materials are a true indication of what to expect in-flight (an high-tech entertainment system with the ability to order food from your seat; mood lighting; power outlet, USB port, and Ethernet jack at every seat; and massage chairs in first class) it’s likely many travelers will pony up the extra dough for a seat.

Would you?

I wouldn’t. But that’s just me. I don’t care about having a power outlet at my seat because I want to put my laptop away for awhile. I’d rather bring my own food rather than pay extra for what an airline is offering. And if I don’t like what’s on tap for in-flight entertainment, I’ll just read my book or try to catch up on some sleep.

One last thought: If Virgin America is as wildly successful as many believe it will be, carriers flying archaic planes on cross-country routes might feel compelled to update them to attract more customers. My suggestion is to put those massage chairs in economy class. Even I might pay an extra $67 for that.


My name: Genevieve Shaw Brown. I also answer to Genny and Gen.

How I earn my keep: I work at Travelocity.

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First thing I do in a new place: Peruse the local restaurants and map out my dining strategy for the duration of my trip. Dining strategy = eating at as many restaurants as humanly possible.

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Travel ambition: To cover that map completely in push pins.

My most beloved place in the whole world: Cockle Cove Beach in Chatham, Massachusetts.



Maybe if there was a chance to hang with Richard Branson and his posse, I’d do it, but this is coming from a guy who has never even flown JetBlue :-)

Welcome to the blog!


It will definitely be interesting to see what happens with Virgin America.

I have to say, I’m a sucker for in-flight extras so I probably would pony up. But then, I can barely sit still on a plane so anything to distract me is huge bonus.


You know, I am a sucker for up-selling. I would probably spend the money.

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When do airfares drop down ? I have searched for the lowest fares but no luck?
I’m flying this Sunday from Santa Ana to San Francisco. The cheapest fare is $179 Virgin America. Jet blue is around $200 flying from Long Beach. I can’t fly from LAX because I will have to pay for a taxi.

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