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Wear Red, Get a Free Drink?

I’m finally flying Virgin America this weekend, something I’ve wanted to do since the airline began service in August 2007 (what can I say, it takes me a little while to get to everything on my to-do list!)

I’m excited for a couple of reasons: the surprisingly low price I paid for a flight from San Francisco to San Diego, the promise of a decent in-flight entertainment system, and the lure of checking in at the gleaming International terminal at SFO (complete with a Sephora for last-minute beauty purchases!) But there’s one thing I’m most excited about: a rumor I’ve heard about flying with Virgin America. I can’t wait to find out if it’s true.

The rumor is this: if you wear something red—the airline’s signature color—on a Virgin America flight, you’re rewarded with a coupon for a free alcoholic drink on board. I can’t remember where I heard this—nor have I ever spoken to anyone who’s had this happen to them directly—but my curiosity is piqued, and I’m dying to find out if it works.

I’ve planned my plane outfit already—a red and white striped t-shirt (and red earrings too, just to be safe!)—and I’m fully prepared to point out my well-thought-out ensemble to the flight attendant if it comes down to it. There’s just one thing: I think I’ll test my theory on the return leg of my journey rather than the Saturday morning portion. Because no matter how great a free glass of wine is, I definitely don’t want to drink it on a 7:10am flight.

(Has anyone else heard the rumor about wearing red and getting a free drink? Anyone tried to pull it off and see if it’s true?)



Anne and May

If this is true…IT IS GENIUS.

I don’t know what it is about freebies, particularly of the alcoholic variety, that get my heart racing, but they do.

Report back!


This actually did happen to me. On a 7am flight!! I had a red bag but they still gave me one. The flight attendants were very perky for that time of the morning. Enjoyed my flight though, but unfortunately it was too early for the drink!!


Thats pretty cool if it is true. I never heard about that. 800 vanity numbers | Office Phone System | virtual pbx

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