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Travelocity ‘Dream Trips’ Survey Reveals Where Families Would Go If Money Was No Object

Travelocity and family travel expert Eileen Ogintz, author of the syndicated column Taking the Kids, teamed up to poll families and find out where they would go on vacation if money was no object. Turns out families who travel with children are more likely to have dream vacations planned than those respondents who do not, indicating having kids doesn’t have to mean the end of travel.

88 percent of respondents to the survey have a dream trip they would take if money was no object. Of those, the majority (60 percent) stated that having an authentic, local experience was what mattered most on their dream trip. The other 40 percent said it was more important to experience the best service possible.

“It’s telling that families who travel with children are more likely to have dream trips in mind than those who don’t travel with kids,” said Ogintz. “They want to show children the world and know travel is the most wonderful gift you can give a young person. What families may not realize is their travel dreams are far more attainable than they may think.”

In terms of the type of trip parents would like to take with their children, a tour of a foreign city came in on top with 37 percent of the vote. The second-most popular choice was relax on a beach (22 percent), followed by take a cruise (18 percent), visit a theme park (12 percent) and see exotic wildlife (11 percent).

Given the fact that parents named having a local experience and touring a foreign city as key factors of their family dream trip, it’s no surprise that Europe was the number-one destination they would pick. Fall is a perfect time to explore Europe, with lovely weather and fewer crowds. Top that off with cheap flights and hotel deals that don’t exist in the summer months and suddenly a dream vacation is within reach.

Family Travel Dream Vacations

1. Europe (27%)

2. Hawaii (25 %)

3. The Mediterranean (9%)

4. Orlando (9%)

5. Australia (6%)

6. Africa (5%)

7. Costa Rica (3%)

8. The Galapagos Islands (3%)

9. Asia (2%)

*the remaining 11 percent of respondents chose “other” as their dream destination.

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My name: Genevieve Shaw Brown. I also answer to Genny and Gen.

How I earn my keep: I work at Travelocity.

Greatest travel lesson learned: I travel for my job, but I've learned work is work, vacation is vacation, and it's best not to try and do both on one trip.

Fondest travel memory: There are so many... but a recent experience was being totally jet-lagged and waking up pre-dawn in Koh Samui, Thailand, and watching the sun rise with my husband on the beach. We talked about what all our friends and family were doing at that very same moment as the sun set back home in New York.

First thing I do in a new place: Peruse the local restaurants and map out my dining strategy for the duration of my trip. Dining strategy = eating at as many restaurants as humanly possible.

First thing I do when I get home: Put a push pin on the destination I just returned from on the map of the world that hangs on the wall above my couch.

Travel ambition: To cover that map completely in push pins.

My most beloved place in the whole world: Cockle Cove Beach in Chatham, Massachusetts.


Jane Bakerson

An “authentic local experience” can be tough given how much of the world has been packaged up – especially if you are traveling with children. It can also hard to combine it with top service if you want to be truly authentic. Take Nicaragua for example – you can certainly get an “authentic” experience but often it’s at the expense of five star plus service.

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