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The Rise Of The “Minimoon” In 2007

Respite for our hectic lives can no longer be found from a mere Saturday walk in the park. Have you noticed? Seriously. It used to be that I could take a walk on the beach for an hour and feel renewed. But not anymore. And it’s not just me. I see it with my friends, colleagues, and in the industry. People need something more than a yoga class, something that stretches beyond an hour of downtime. And that, my traveling friends, is what the Minimoon is all about.

Mega-Size It!

My parents were convinced that I’d only make it to 4’11″, I grew up in D.C. where no building is taller than the U.S. Capitol, and even though I drove an SUV in college, I’ve always preferred quick, compact cars (currently a Mini). So my mantra is generally: Good things come in small packages.

But I’ve been curious about the Airbus A380 superjumbo–the world’s largest airliner that has about 35% more capacity than its Boeing rival.

A Tragic Lesson in Survival

For the last week, I have been completely preoccupied by the heartbreaking story of the Kim family from San Francisco and the tragic discovery that the father died of exposure and hypothermia while seeking help for his family in Oregon.

Last week, CNET senior editor James Kim bravely set out on what his wife Kati described to authorities as an heroic last resort to save her and their two young daughters. After running the car for heat and running out of gas, then burning all four tires, James set out for help on a 10 mile trek through rugged, snowy terrain. Sadly, his path led him in a near circle—his body was recovered only one-half mile from the family car.

Making Americans Better Travelers

It’s no secret that American’s favorability around the world is on the decline. I was reminded of this earlier in the year when I traveled to Quebec with a slightly obnoxious stars-and-stripes luggage identifier tied to my suitcase, which mysteriously wound up getting “lost.” After speaking to the airline agent in Canada, who chuckled when I told her of the tag, I began to wonder if my missing piece of luggage had more to do with the red, white and blue than I could have anticipated.