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Top 5 Pieces Of British Slang

With the royal newlyweds gearing up for a US visit next month—come on, who doesn’t secretly think they’re going to catch the eye of Wills and convince him that it should have been you?—I thought it appropriate to present a little lesson in British slang. As well as being my home country, England is one of my top vacation destinations. Here are my top five favorite pieces of slang to take with you on your next trip across the pond.

All right? – Fairly interchangeable with “how’s it going?” The correct response is just to say “all right?” back again to the person who asked you in the first place. Seems a little self-defeating, sure, but go with it.

Bird/Bloke – A “bird” is a woman and a “bloke” is a man. For maximum authenticity, use these with “fit,” which means attractive. (“Wow, did you see that fit bloke over there?”)

Mate – Your mate is either your friend (“I’m going to the pub with my mate”) or else a catch-all for anyone you’re addressing somewhat affectionately. (“All right, mate?”)

Chuffed – Pleased or proud. (“I was really chuffed when that fit bird talked to me.”)

Gobsmacked — Absolutely amazed. (“Yep, I was gobsmacked that fit bird talked to you too.”)




I have just left Britain to live in Ibiza but I still hear all these phrases and more!

What about:

Bob’s your uncle (that’s it!)

Spend a penny (visit the bathroom)

Codswallop (nonsense)

Gutted (really upset)

On your bike (go away)


This is hilarious… Gobsmacked? Some of these are genius. On your bike now!

Thanks for your contribution Georgina… I think “Bob’s your uncle” is great and will start using codswallop as soon as possible.

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