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Signing Off From PHX

Editor’s Note: For the eighth consecutive year, Travelocity’s Thanksgiving Task Force is stationed at 10 of the nation’s top airports, relaying important travel information to holiday road warriors on Nov. 25-26, two of the busiest travel days of the year.

Well I am winding down an overall successful travel day here at Phoenix Sky Harbor. I think it is fitting that as I was finishing my final round through the airport, I saw the above rainbow. It is easily the most vibrant rainbow I have ever seen, and a nice finish to an otherwise gloomy and rainy day.

As far as travel updates, the biggest update is that the Terminal 2 upper level parking garage is now full, in addition to the West Economy lot. The ticket counter lines are all very short, with the exception of Southwest. That line is long – 20 minutes long. As far as getting through security, you won’t have any trouble. Those lines are short, and in some terminals, non-existent.

There are still some short delays scattered throughout the airport. There are a few flights to San Francisco and Los Angeles that are delayed between one and three hours. The rest of the delays are between 15 and 40 minutes, and there aren’t too many of those.

For a final bit of entertainment, here are a few tidbits from my last 2 hours:

Sets of twins spotted: 6
Number of languages heard being spoken: 4

Security: Lines are short and easy to get through.

Check-in:: All lines are short with the exception of the Southwest ticket counter – running about 20 minutes.

Parking: Terminal 2 upper level garage is full, as is West Economy. The rest are open.

Delays: Some short delays scattered throughout, with significant delays to San Francisco and Los Angeles.

Hot Spots: Terminal 4 baggage claim is, and will continue to be busy througout the evening.

Happy Thanksgiving!



Thank you for all of your updates. Very helpful!

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