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The Lone Ranger – Summer Road Trip in New Mexico

The Lone Ranger

There’s nothing quite like a summer road trip.  Crank up the tunes, hit the open road and let the adventure unfold.
In Disney’s the Lone Ranger, Tanto and The Lone Ranger take a more unconventional approach to road tripping, by hitching a ride on a train in one of the craziest scenes I’ve seen on the big screen. The scene was filmed in New Mexico and that train? It was actually being hoisted on a flatbed truck making its way along the winding road of Cimarron Canyon.  Now I’m in New Mexico following the very path of the Lone Ranger to see where the journey takes me.
First stop, Angel Fire…if you blink, you might miss it. Yup, this is the whole town. Word has it, The Lone Ranger himself, played by Armie Hammer actually jammed at out this bar, Zeb’s.  Next stop, Eagle Nest, population 306. You know small towns like Eagle Next make the best road trip pit stops.
This quirky antique shop, Hales & Barrow that used to be an old saloon, is owned by Gay Barrow. Turns out, she provided props for The Lone Ranger, like this antique cradle. Gay is full of stories. Like the time when, two guys in the 50′s got drunk, went to New York, got a black and white checkered cab, drove it here, they were sitting on this porch. It was winter time and they heard they were coming after them so they drove it out on the lake, which was frozen, and it’s out there!  In the middle of the lake? In the middle of the lake!  A quick ice cream for only $1.75 and we’re off to Cimarron Canyon State Park.
Hello natural wonder.
Ponderosa Pine, coolest tree in the forest.  You can tell by its red bark and its smell…pure vanilla.  Babbling brooks lining the road are popular for fly fishing or just for a peaceful moment, and the rock formations look like they’re out of a movie…and actually…they are.
The train in The Lone Ranger passed straight through Cimarron Canyon and right past the gorgeous natural wonder of the Palisades Sill. For me, the best road trip memories happen when you stumble upon a scene, a moment, so perfect and it’s all yours. This was my moment. An empty mountain road. A sinking sun. A lush green field, filled with horses crunching away on the grass. Not a person in sight. Not a car for miles.
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