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Let’s Roam Dallas: Quest for the Best Taco

Dallas/Ft. Worth



Hungry for a visit to Dallas?  Stay at one of these foodie-focused hotels:

The Joule Dallas – Steakhouse sophistication at Charlie Palmer Restaurant and yummy Seattle-based coffee house

The Dallas Renaissance Hotel — must-try Asador Restaurant, farm to fire dining.

The Adolphus – Dallas — over-the-top French or sophisticated afternoon tea.

And be sure to pop into my three favorite taco spots:

Mia’s Tex-Mex Restaurant
4322 Lemmon Avenue
Dallas, TX 75219

Fuel City Tacos
801 South Riverfront Boulevard
Dallas, TX 75207

Good 2 Go Taco
1146 Peavy Road
Dallas, TX 75218

My taco tour route:

Courtney Scott

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Lourdes Palomares

For those travelers coming to the metroplex area who are taco lovers, here is a link to a blog specialized in tacos from the DFW area: The “taco tour” presented in this video is extremely limited. Absolutely not representative of the real taco scene of our area.

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