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Learn Salsa Dancing in Colombia – Let’s Roam Colombia with Avianca


On my flight over to Colombia, I had five hours to get acquainted with the music and rhythms of the country.  And to be honest, I was grooving in my seat the whole way.

Rhythm doesn’t come naturally for most people.  But for Colombians it does.  The culture revolves around music and dance and every city has their own style. Cali is the birthplace of salsa, cumbia is popular along the coast towns,and Medellin is the place for danza urbana, a cross between jazz hip hop and latin.  So when i got to Medellin, I just had to get myself on the dance floor to learn  from the locals.

This is Laura, a latin dance teacher at the Play Dance Academy.  So if you’re going to a nightclub, you have to do some salsa steps, reggaeton steps and vallenato steps.

First, vallenato.  Next, reggaeton.  And last, salsa.

So to figure out the club scene in Medellin I went straight to the experts, Dave from Medellin Living.

So where have you taken me now?

This is Dulce Jesus Mio.  It’s a very typical Colombian discotecca.  Very Medellin.

Seeing all of the couples on the dance floor, I was a little intimidated.  But after some liquid courage, it was time for Dave and I to show what we’re made of. And by the end of the night, the whole club was dancing together…completely in sync.

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