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New Airline Jet America Offers $9 Seats

Ahh . . . New Jersey. State of gardens, ‘da Shore,’ and now, 28 flights per week on Jet America. The new low-cost airline  promises nine seats on each flight will cost just $9. Now, despite the claim on their web site that this is “not a gimmick,” it feels a bit gimmick-y. But for $9, who cares?

According to the Associated Press (via Yahoo), service begins July 13 with  flights at Toledo, Ohio; South Bend, Ind.; Melbourne, Fla.; Newark, N.J.; Minneapolis and Lansing, Mich.

Will Jet America thrive or go the way of the now-defunct Skybus? Time will tell. There are however, many similarities, such as a $15 fee to check a bag. Food, drinks and in-flight TV will also come at a cost.

Though come to think of it, that sounds an awful lot like most carriers these days. Click here for a handy breakdown of baggage fees by carrier.


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I have seen this article on main page of yahoo saying Jet America will offer $9 plane tickets.

Say i want to fly from Newark NJ to Melbourne FL.The ticket booking thing says $59.

The fine print says that its $9 + $5 convenience fee + random govt fees.So the ticket wouldn’t be more than about $25, still really good.

But how much for luggage?


I don’t know if it’s just me…but I have no interest in flying an airline that sells seats for $9. Even if they charge more for the other seats…cheap just doesn’t scream “safety” to me…just a thought. I think people should realize what it costs to run an airline and maintain its fleet, maybe then people wouldn’t be trying to nickel and dime them, literally, to death (bankruptcy)

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